Working with Paul has been a revelation.

My company has experienced exponential growth in the last year, going from a part time endeavor that allowed me to express creativity and supplement our income, to a full time husband-and-wife-run company of three employees. The growing pains could have been crippling, but Paul has been instrumental in the transition.

He has been patient and thought-provoking, is always honest in the most constructive way, has a no-nonsense approach and is 100% results-driven.

He has refined internal operations and production by introducing us to online tools our team can access anywhere, anytime to keep us connected and up to the minute on everything that is going on. He has worked hard to understand our work from conception to production to distribution, with that he's able to help us see where we can streamline processes and even eliminate unnecessary steps. He has a talent for distilling our seemingly random ideas and goals into actionable time-oriented tasks.

He's provided a platform for conversation and exploration around sustainable growth, what that looks like today and for the future. He has the ability to see our company bigger than we have ever dreamed and knows how to translate that into short and long term goals for each of us.

He's expanded our vision with purpose and clarity for what Mimosa is and could be, while staying true to what we do and why we do it.

Paul embodies the best business/marketing books I've read. As an artist/designer, I've long struggled with the business aspects of my work. He has a talent for digesting both time-tested concepts and new ways of doing business and tailoring them to us personally.

I will continue to work with Paul: he holds me accountable, is diligent in bringing new ideas and concepts, and is eager to see us be our best.