Partnering with Paul (Southern Collaborative) has truly been life changing.  As a 'Mompreneur' my professionally-focused time is limited and precious and Paul has made the most of every meeting!  I will continue to partner with Paul as my natural living business evolves so that I am challenged to grow and change with my audiences' needs.  The experience you can expect from Paul/SoCo can be summed up in four areas: Tailored, Actionable, Progressive and provides an Immediate Return.  

Tailored:  Paul took the time to learn about me, my strengths, my vision, my time commitment and my long and short term goals.  He also worked to understand the industry I am in as well as competitors and the target market.  Each interaction has been unique to me and my business.  Paul is honest and direct but in a style that motivates me.  He's not saying what I want to hear always, but always what I need to hear!  I'm a startup and Paul truly understands my vision even when I'm unable to articulate it.  He's helped synthesize different data points and ideas which has further defined my go-to-market plan.

Actionable:  My hesitation in hiring a consultant is being told things I already know I need to do with no help on taking immediate action.  To my surprise, Paul does exactly the opposite, he provides ideas, suggestions and feedback that is immediately actionable because he's already done the research or has the experience and is able to apply it to my business and scenario.  He gives strategic yet detailed advice and applies both personal and professional goals to his recommendations.  In one instance, I talked to Paul in the morning and by the afternoon I was on my way to making the adjustments we discussed.

Progressive:  Paul is a creative, progressive thinker who is immersed in the trends and tools of today's consumer.  He challenges and helps me to build my business to be anything but the norm and he has completed my vision by applying ideas to create a competitive advantage.  Paul is always evolving himself and stays attuned to movers in entrepreneurship.  Because of this, he provides resource suggestions that he's actually used and that are applicable.  He's recommended audiobooks, websites, newsletters, etc. of thought leaders who are addressing the challenges I'm facing right at this moment.  When he suggests it, I follow because the recommendations have suited exactly the need I had at the time.

Immediate Return:  The sum of the first three attributes I mentioned mean that I've been able to see immediate return.  Paul's recommendations and advice are specific to my business, detailed enough to get me working down the path to change immediately and progressive enough for me to be confident that it's worth the time and investment.  My business has grown and evolved in my short time working with Paul and future returns are imminent!

Paul is "in it" with me and is invested in the success of my business as though it is his own.  I'm so grateful to have him alongside me through this journey and I'd recommend to anyone (except my competitors!) :).

KARI HUME - Owner/Founder of Practical Natural Life